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Ryan G. O’Hara, MD

Specialty: Endovascular Specialist
Interventional Oncology
Location: Utah
Phone: 801-810-2999

Ryan G. O’Hara, MD

Dr. O’Hara brings his extensive background in vascular embolization and minimally invasive treatments for tumors to Comprehensive Integrate Care Utah (CiC Utah). As an endovascular specialist, he is able to treat a variety of conditions throughout the body, with a special focus on peripheral artery disease and vein conditions. His experience with embolization technology and techniques includes innovative treatments for enlarged prostates and varicocele patients.

He received his medical training at the University of Washington in Seattle followed by training in diagnostic radiology at Sacred Heart Medical Center in Spokane, Washington. Dr. O’Hara continued with fellowship training in Vascular and Interventional Radiology at the University of Pennsylvania where he obtained a certificate of added qualification in vascular and interventional radiology.

At the University of Utah and Huntsman Cancer Center, he helped develop the Integrated Theranostics Center (ITC) with particular focus on the use of lutetium-based Peptide Receptor Radionuclide Therapy (PRRT) for the treatment of metastatic neuroendocrine tumors. Dr. O’Hara is also the Director of Interventional Oncology at the University of Utah and Huntsman Cancer Institute.

When he is not pursuing his passion of helping people live better, healthier lives, Dr. O’Hara enjoys exploring the mountains and deserts of Utah with his wife and two cool kids. He loves to tinker in his electronics/wood shop. This creative and technical experience has served him well with his work at the University of Utah Bioengineering Department, where he has helped develop solutions for a variety of medical and healthcare concerns. Several of the projects have received patents.

CiC Utah is honored to welcome Dr. O’Hara to its medical team.

Education and Training

University of Pennsylvania Health System, Fellowship

Inland Empire Hospital Service, Residency and Internship

University of Washington School of Medicine, Medical School

Certifications and Licenses

            Utah State Medical License, 2010 – 2022

            American Board of Radiology, Diagnostic Radiology

            American Board of Radiology, Vascular and Interventional Radiology


Clinical Trials

A Phase III Randomized, Double-Blind Trial of Chemoembolization With or Without Sorafenib in Unresectable Hepatocellular Carcinoma (HCC) in Patients With and Without Vascular Invasion Start of enrollment: 2009 Oct 01(Gbenga), O.O.,Averbook, B.J.,Ballard, H.S.,Behrens, R.J.,Benson, A.B.,Brown, T.D.,Eisenberg, P.D.,Flynn, P.J.,Galanopoulos, C.A.,Gaur, R.,Gonzales-Chambers, R.,Govindarajan, R.,Kambhampati, S.,Kauh, J.S….

Professional Membership

Society of Interventional Radiology, SIR Member

Hospital Affiliations

            Veterans Affairs Salt Lake City Healthcare System, Salt Lake City, Utah

            University of Utah Health, Salt Lake City, Utah

Intellectual Property

Arm Support for Supine Patient Tim Michaelis, Talmage Barth, Michael Price, Ryan O’Hara, Holden Brown, Niki Davis (2016).

Book Chapter

O’Hara R, Oplin J, (2013). Liver Tumors. In Gaffnery DK (Ed.), Radiation Oncology: Imaging and Treatment (First Edition, p. 5:104). Salt Lake City: Amirsys.

Active Grants

January 16, 20018 – Present             Y90 Application Development

                                                            Principal Investigator(s): Ryan G. O’Hara

                                                            Direct Costs:  $5,000 Total Costs:  $5,000

                                                            Sirtex Medical Inc.

                                                            Role:  Principal Investigator


January 6, 1970 – Present                Evaluation of Ablation Zone Sizing Using a MicroThermX® Microwave Ablation System in Patients with Hepatic Tumors

                                                            Principal Investigator(s): Ryan G. O’Hara

                                                            Direct Costs:  $34,378 Total Costs:  $45,620

                                                            BSD Medical Corporation

                                                            Role:  Principal Investigator


July 1, 2016 – Present                       Radiation-Emiting SIR-Spheres in Non-Resectable (RESIN) Liver Tumor Patient Study

                                                            Principal Investigator(s): Ryan G. O’Hara

                                                            Direct Costs:  $33,248 Total Costs:  $45,383

                                                            Sirtex Medical Inc.

                                                            Role:  Principal Investigator


Recently Published Abstracts (Last 3 years)

R Hardman, T. Smith, L Jenkins, Z Cizman, K Marashi, R O’Hara (2019). Retrospective 
evaluation of extracellular matrix enterocutaneous fistula plugs for enteric fistula [Abstract]. Journal of Vascular and Interventional Radiology, 30(3), s139-s140. 


R Hardman, G Noda, L Jenkins, J Jorgensen, R O’Hara (2016). Added value of physician extenders in an inpatient academic hospital: a retrospective review of E & M codes [Abstract]. journal of vascular and Interventional Radiology, 27(3), s214-s215.


  1. Besachio, R. O’Hara, B. Hamilton, R. Hardman (2018). Intraprocedural renal hilar nerve block during percutaneous renal tumor ablation: a postoperative opioid-sparing pain management technique [Abstract]. journal of vascular and interventional radiology, 29(4) s107.


  1. Hardman, D. Besachio, R. O’Hara, K. Marashi (2018). Renal Ablation Using a 915MHz Synchronous Wave Microwave Ablation System: Safety and Short-term Follow Up [Abstract]. Journal of Vascular and Interventional Radiology, 29(4), S1-S316.


Peer-Reviewed Journal Articles (Last 3 years)

Campsen J, Bassett M, O’Hara R, Kim R, Martinez E, Hardman R, Myers J, Hamilton B (2019). Renal hilar block predicts long-term success of renal auto-transplantation for loin pain hematuria syndrome. Int Urol Nephrol


Keith Quencer, Anthony Tadros, Keyan Marashi, Ziga Cizman, Eric Reiner, Ryan O’Hara, Rahmi Oklu (2018). Bleeding after Percutaneous Transhepatic Biliary Drainage: Incidence, Causes, and Treatments. J Clin Med, 7(94), 1-17.


Thomas Chaly, Jeffrey Campsen, Ryan O’Hara, Rulon Hardman, Juan F Gallegos-Orozco, Heather Thiesset, Robin Kim (2017). Mucocele Mimicking a Gallbladder in a Transplanted Liver: A case report and review of the literature. World J Transplant, 7(6), 359-363.


Balch H, Crawford H, McDonald J, O’Hara R, Whitehead K (2017). Long-Term Treatment Outcomes of Embolotherapy in Pulmonary Arteriovenous Malformations in Children with Hereditary Hemorrhagic Telangiectasia. Ann Vasc Med Res, 4(4), 1064-72.


Jeffrey Campsen, Mitchell Bassett, Ryan O’Hara, Heather Thiesset, Robin Kim, Rulon Hardman, Blake Hamilton (2017). Percutaneous Renal Hilar Blockade to Predict Success of Auto Kidney Transplantation for Loin Pain Hematuria Syndrome. J Urol, 195(4), e382-e383.


Campsen J, Bassett M, O’Hara R, Rosales A, Kim R, Hardman R, Hamilton B (2017). MP30-19 1-year follow-up: percutaneous renal hilar blockade to predict success of auto kidney transplantation for loin pain hematuria syndrome. J Urol, 197(4), e397.


Jones JP, Sima M, O’Hara RG, Stewart RJ (2016). Water-Borne Endovascular Embolics Inspired by the Undersea Adhesive of Marine Sandcastle Worms. Adv Healthc Mater, 5(7), 795-801.